Have you ever been hiking? Do you know the difference between navigating a narrow trail while wearing a well fitting pack vs trying to carry a box down that same trail? You can carry the same load much further in a pack than you can in a box. The box gets hung up on trees and rocks. It also occupies your hands, keeping you from catching yourself if you fall.

Worse, all the things you’ve been hiding away go spilling all over the ground, for everyone to see. Therapy gives you the tools to unpack your issues from that box, examine them, discard the ones that you are ready to part with, and store the others away inside your pack, so you can move beyond the narrow parts of your life.

Sometimes you don’t have a pack. That’s ok too. Therapy can teach you how to make one; one that fits you and your unique needs. It may take time to do all this, but eventually it allows you to move beyond this current sticking point. Plus, you now have the tools to overcome the next one, or at least know where to look.

Everyone says life is a journey. Every journey has narrow spots where the woods crowd in on us or the world turns dark and scary. Other times, we find ourselves face to face with a rock wall. The only way through is to climb over, or navigate through this narrow little passage that will leave us scraped and bruised on the other side.

This hardship, the struggle of the journey, is balanced out by the warm meadows, and amazing vistas we find along the way. These experiences, these perfect moments, no matter how fleeting, are why we journey.

  • anonymous contributer