Isn’t someone else already doing this?

Yes! I’m a far from the first or the last person to start this conversation within our community. People like Aloria, Jack Daniel, Jayson Street, Mubix and more have spoken about these issue before. Not to mention the varied non-profit groups already doing work in the technology space. I stand on the shoulders of giants. It’s my view that every little bit helps and I strive to collaborate with anyone else attempting to have this discussion.

Aren’t you exclduing everyone else not in Infosec also having issue with mental health?

Not at all. This is such a huge topic. It reaches people from all walks of life. I’m not an expert on mental health by any means, so this site doesn’t imply that Infosec has a higher preponderance of or occurance of mental issues.

However, you start where can. This is the community I live in. It’s where I make my living, what I do for fun, where my friends are. You can still be in a community and feel completely alone. The sole purpose of this site to start at home, reach out to our friends who share similar interests, career paths and problems within that sphere.

This may have been born out of the natural hacker habitat but it’s not exclusive to it. What this is, simply, is a start.

Can I submit my story anonymously?

Absolutely. You can find me on and submit your stories/answers to The Questions there. You can share your name but not have it included on the site. As usual for us, and especially in this case, attribution isn’t the important thing. The important thing is connecting people, to help them see there are others out there just like them.